Mark Le Vea

A Pictoral and Verbal Testimonial
The Quality of Work
done by
Ted Eller

Pipe No. 1 - Precision located fatique crack.

Pipe No. 2 - Precision bashing done but at this point only the nut fits, no wrench.

Pipe No. 2 - Precision fatigue crack in lower left corner.

Pipe No. 3 - Look at the sheer beauty of that craftsmanship.

Pipe No. 3 - A second look at the master's work. Note welded fatigue crack.

Pipe No. 5 - Fatigue crack masterfully welded except for the last pinhole.

Pipe No. 6 - Extra unneeded bend supplied at substantial cost not in approved design.

Pipe No. 7 - Asked for a 4" radius but big hearted Ted gave me a 5" instead.

Pipe No. 7 - Another fatigue crack awaits the artful welding hand of the master.

Pipe No. 7 - Gouge in critical gasket surface. The master must know something I don't.

Pipe No. 8 - Precision located fatique.

Assembly - Consistent quality work.

Assembly - Just some amazing work.

Assembly - Note assymetrical thrust to compensate for high torque engine.

Assembly - Assymetrical Thrust (A.T.) first theorized in prototype fixture.

Assembly - A.T. Theory - 3/8" left offset of right collector plus angular deflection.

Assembly - A.T. Theory - 1/8" left offset of left collector. Bends the left fixture limit.

In Summary:

No. 2 pipe has to be redone at the flange with 2 bends and a new flange. Pipe should move rearware 1/2" for optimal location.

No. 3 pipe has to be redone at the flange with the specified 4" radius bend and a new flange. The only finished weld was done so the two pipes are not aligned. This will be sawed apart and rewelded with the pipes properly aligned.

No. 7 pipe has to be redone at the flange end. The wrong radius bend plus the fracture and the gouge in the gasket surface make it a must to fix this pipe.

Pipes #1 & #4 will have to be shortened by 3/8" while pipes #6 & #7 need an additional 3/8" to properly situate the right collector.

Pipes #1, #4, #6, & #7 need to be lenghtened where they fit inside the collector.

Both collectors are aimed a couple degrees off center so every pipe will have to be re-aimed at the collector end.

This leaves me with 3 cracked pipes to be repaired or redone in the future.

This is what was delivered to me for well over $5000. Don't even ask what it took to get my my fixture and my 304 srainless scrap tubing away from my friend and partner.

Others have said:

Geez Mark, That really looks like crap man!  Sorry you have gone through such a trial trying to get that pipeset together...  Just when you thought you were getting Burns Stainless Quality, you were all the while getting JC Whitney style workmanship...  Thats really awful!  If I knew thats what you were lookin for I'da gone to Home Depot, gotten some Conduit and a Plumbers pipe bender and asked you for $5K.  Sheesh.

thats some seriously ghetto shiz for the moolah you had to dish out just to bail...



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